One Thought on Gear
    31 Jan 2020

    The real early Zero stuff was all Boogie, 60 watt MK1, 60 watt “nope” we put together at Boogie for clean, and eventually a Mesa Baron 180 watt poor amp too.
    99% of the slide guitar was RT-5 DeArmond slaved back to the Boogies, and there was a bunch of early Zero where i ran an additional power amp on a remote speaker to generate more distortion pre-effects. molten. .
    Eventually got the Dumble and ran it in front of the Mesa’s, Dumble pre-amp/Mesa power amps.
    Then straight Dumble with the 180watt Baron on the side, still DeArmond for slide, and that’s about it for the Zero amp routine: Boogie and Dumble with a side of single ended 6V6 for distortion and 6 6L6’s for clean.

    Nowadays it’s mostly old Fender’s with an occasional Magnatone or something equally odd. Hiwatt, Dickerson, misc. .
    Still use the Dumble and DeArmond now and again but for most stuff any pair of Fender amps gets me thru the night.

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