Photo and description of current rig on tour

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Stage shot of Kimock rig on tour with Bob Weir & Ratdog.

-50 watt Dumble on top, Fender Bandmaster Reverb below (Normally onstage mix is Bandmaster heavy, featuring the Fender amp sound, with the Dumble backing it up for clarity and weight)
-On top is an old Boss RV2 (I think) bought it new when they came out. Still using it. It splits the signal to the two amps.
Also an old CE2 chorus, because Mr Dave.
-Altoid can is a Stratoblaster circuit, courtesy of Scott Walker.  It has a switch to turn it off and on, it’s at it’s minimum setting internally.
Just a little teeny boost and EQ. It’s on more often than not.
(Not pictured here is the Blonde Bassman that rotates duties with the Dumble depending on venue size and set list)
-The Bandmaster Reverb is on every gig whatever its mate that night. I occasionally pull the input out of one amp or the other and just play one for awhile.  Cleans up the mix when the band is working certain dynamic levels.

-Lambo Vox AC30 style 2×12 with mysterious Celestion samples….something Boogie tried but never used.
-Old Boogie open back single 15 ext. cab with JBL K130, 8 ohm.
-The misc. junk strewn across the top includes a Hartman fuzz, Uni-Vibe, and Mutron. Looks like a Distortion+ back there too.

-On the floor: Uni-Vibe pedal, Vertex wah. Floating, old Vox Tonebender.

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Regal Squareneck Acoustic – # 4 of 4

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Acoustic Series #2 and #3

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Regal Square Neck – Acoustic Series ~ 1 of 4

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Discussion to follow…

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Music Lesson or Drinking Beers and Telling Lies? You Decide.

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Hi everybody,
I’m gonna get the party started here with some really dry music theory crap that should eventually wind up in a fairly juicy place.

So this is gonna be a guitar lesson, or music lesson of some sort, and we’ll be working together on this hopefully for a long time.

In order to get up to speed on this, I have to take you all the way back to my very first musical experiences, and what those lessons should have taught me if I had only been smart enough to figure it out at the time. I’m guessing that a lot of folks probably had similar experiences, so. . . here goes nothin’…

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Hello world!

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