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Unconventional. Experimental. It’s sort of the Steve Kimock way.

–Jarrett Bellini,

Kimock mixes microtonal Eastern influences with Appalachian folk and ambient sonics—there are no cowboy chords or dreadnoughts here. Kimock’s acoustic aesthetic comes entirely from another place.

-Jimmy Leslie, Guitar Player

The rock journeyman and jam-band specialist has crafted an aural
meditation that springs from the childlike innocence of picking up a guitar for the first time. It’s a work of pure unfettered beauty and freedom. Using a mix of acoustic, ambient, and electronic sounds, Kimock creates rich soundscapes devoid of discernable form that sends the listener on an intimate metaphysical journey. 

-Oscar Jordan, Vintage Guitar

The music is remarkable in every conceivable way, as I openly wept on several occasions while listening to this crowning achievement. It literally drips with brilliance, and while I don’t subscribe to divinest theories, perceptive listeners can literally peer into Kimock’s musical soul. 

Kevin Long, Grateful