2 Thoughts on missing man sound
    1 Feb 2020

    Hi Steve,
    Anyhing different happening under the hood of the Twin head? I have a Super Six head.

    30 Jan 2020

    The white Strat’s most distinguishing features are pickups and string gauge.
    They’re complimentary like nuts at the bar.

    Three old Dano/Silvertone lipstick PU’s, wired so neck and bridge show up on the 3-way switch like a Tele: N N+B B, on a single volume control.
    The middle PU has it’s own volume.
    No tone control.

    The neck and bridge have mounting rings because they came out of a Craftsman Bass.
    Bridge is RWRP so i have hum canceling in “both”.
    i like that switching arrangement on a Strat much better than the standard switch assignment.

    Anyway, the lipstick’s are super-weak, low output, and the strings are normally ridiculously heavy but modern standards.
    Some of the MMF era stuff was a regular set of Pyramid 12’s, which is kinda Strat proper in a vintage sense (it’s a ’60) but most of the time it was D’Addario 14 18 28w 38 49 64.

    I think the big string/weak pickup combo is what makes that guitar unique to whatever extent it seems to be.
    You can’t really play or sound like that with a hot pickup and a light string.

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