Amp selection


Loving some of the clips coming out of the Zero tour so far! Hope to see you on the east coast soon.
Just curious, what are the amps you are running in this video? Looks like a Two Rock Kimock special on the right and not sure about the left.

Craig, FL

One Thought on Amp selection
    9 Aug 2022

    Yeah, amp on right is some kind of Dumble type thing on basically the same chassis as the TR Kimock Sig.
    Amp on left is NOS tweed Bandmaster reproduction I used on the west coast during the years I had relocated to east coast.
    Used to be Bill’s, Bill sold it to Eli, Eli was kind enough to loan it to me for that run.
    Thanks Bill, Thanks Eli!!

    I’m sorry I don’t have any more specific info on either amp.
    All the stuff I get from Bill or Eli is some kind of special/unique for reasons I don’t always completely understand.

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