Shelter in place gear

Hey Steve! Since we are all emerging from our year and a half hibernation, I am wondering what amps and gear were you really digging while having to spend lots of hours playing at home? Anything you discovered or re-discovered? … Read More

SKB Archive Release September 2020

This month’s release from the SKB vault includes a never before released recording of a private party in Redwood City during the SKB Winter Tour in 2004.

Song Creation and Location

Dear Steve, I am curious if there are any particular physical locations that invoked or inspired particular songs. While I imagine The Muse transcends any specific place, is there an instance where you can say, “Yes, (insert song title) arose … Read More

SKB Cover Band

Hey Steve im in a band that does alot of SKB and originals……please dont laugh :))) Its been great, so we do Ice Cream, Moon People. Poonk, Tongue and Groove, electric wildlife, Tangled hangers, 5b4funk. Anyway, do you have any … Read More

SKB July Archive Release

Happy to share the next installment of the 20th anniversary SKB archive release. This month features a MAJOR throwback to Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver from April 27, 2003 via