Scott Walker Guitars

Hey Steve, I will soon be ordering my first Scott Walker guitar. I’ll be going with his Santa Cruz model most likely in an HSS configuration. It’s hard to describe my excitement lol Would you give your thoughts on Scott … Read More

Lipstick pickups

Steve! In a fashionable late, i was exposed to your brilliant guitar tones. Im sure there are countless factors effecting it, but i would like to know one specific thing for now: what are those XL lipstick pups and how … Read More


You know feel free to skip an answer my question from the morning- Ive been feeling all day it might have been a bit wordy, you know if it doesn’t resonate don’t worry Tho id love to hear your approach … Read More

Music to Enrichment

Hey Steve; I really admire you as a musician- the fact that you would host this forum for questions and openness is so cool- education sharing ideas so pivotal to everything we can create as humans – also how refined … Read More

Hi Fi Sound

Steve, I have a number of vintage fender amps. They definitely have a certain sound. When you play them live, they have a hi fi quality, like there’s something there that doesn’t seem to be there when I sit down … Read More

Infared Roses shows

Was just watching the “Infared Roses” shows you did with George Porter a couple years back. What a cool lineup and cool venue, wish I couldve seen those projected visuals in person. Your tone is pretty dirty through the whole … Read More

Ardmore 10/28 Rig

Hey Steve! Long time appreciator of your music and playing. Just caught Zero at Ardmore last night and WOW! Your tone and playing was stellar. So much warmth and roundness, but so much clarity. So I have to ask what … Read More

Guitar theory/thought process

Wondering if you could share and or direct aspiring guitarists to resources to learn usable guitar theory. When you sit down to just play without thinking — the stuff for the gods, where do you find yourself going in your … Read More

Back up to the Northwest

Just really really enjoying the show on youtube from 10/8 in Atlanta. The crunchy signal on your Strat in butter is so great, really just gritty but so smooth and buttery… what’s your signal chain look like there? I miss … Read More