SKF Fall Tour – New Shows!

Delivering genre-bending performances, the band hit a real groove. Join us this summer and fall, with new shows announced for the Midwest in September and then following that, the band heads South for the first time.

studio album possibility

Hi Steve, sorry if this isn’t the kind of question your looking for. I don’t play anything, I just love your music so nothing too technical to ask. I’m just wondering if there’s any possibility for a new studio album … Read More

Archtops that won’t break the bank?

Hey Steve, I’ve really been digging the sounds you’ve been getting out of the L-5 and the Vega (I think this is what you played at the Ardmore with Ron Holloway last November). Anyway, I’ve been in the market for … Read More

Ramrod Guitar

Hey Steve, Can you tell us a bit about the ramrod guitar? Playing experience, tone, controls, woods, scale? Also. What’s it’s history! Thanks as always. Sam, Sheridan, WY


Man your tone is fantastic! Was wondering what strings you use and gauge. Maybe any set up insight you might provide would be appreciated! Deron, Florida

The Use of Ping Pong

Hey Steve! Huge fan. Thanks for all the wonderful music. I’ve got a quick question: I recently read that you’ve used the Boss rv2 since the 80s, and that you have it set to ping pong mode. As a fan … Read More


What band are you bringing to Camp GreenSky this weekend? Can’t wait! I haven’t seen you in MI since you played Bell’s with Hot Tuna! – KJS Kyle, MI

Zero Tour Announced

SK, Greg & the rest of the band can’t wait to get on the road this Fall as Zero reignites & tours in support of their new album ‘Naught Again’.

Lap Steel Tuning

Steve, what’s your tuning, root 3rd 5th root 3rd 5th? Do you use many slants or behind the bar string pulls? Who are your influences, I’m guessing playing with Freddie Roulette must have been informative. Any advice on developing your … Read More

Naught Again

I am very excited about your new release ‘Naught Again’ and would love to purchase a copy. But how do I purchase a digital copy? I have already sold all my vinyl and CDs due to space constraints and only … Read More