Dumble passed away, which Im sure youve heard. Did you ever get to meet the man? Was your Dumble amp one of the bespoke ones which he tuned to your playing or did you get it from a previous owner? … Read More

String gauges and action height

Hey Steve, I read somewhere that you have dropped down in terms of your normal string gauges. Can you give us some insight into what you’re running on the strat and Les Paul? Brand would be cool too! Also wondering … Read More

SK Joins Oteil & Friends

Oteil & Friends feat. SK, Eric Krasno, Jason Crosby & Johnny Kimock at the North Beach Bandshell in Miami Beach, FL on March 18 & 19!

New SK&F Shows On Nugs

Happy to release 5 news shows from SK&F tour with our partner Nugs.net just in time for the holidays!

Blonde Archtop

Hey Steve would you mind telling us about your new archtop you’ve been playing on stage lately? I’m curious about the pickup and that stripe running through the middle—I’ve never seen that in an archtop before! Jarett, Fl

Subbing Tritones Into Blues Scale

I didn’t mentally understand the suggestion for subbing tritones for every other blues note. Then I played it like a scale and I didnt hear it. Then I played it as double stops, and I heard it. Then I inverted … Read More

Walker Phoenix

Hi Steve, I am the new owner of a guitar that I believe you collaborated with Scott Walker on. I believe it is the prototype to his Phoenix model. It has a bookmatched set of flamed mahogany with a rosewood … Read More

New Prototype Amp in your videos.

Steve, I can’t get over the tone you’re getting with the goldtop. I like it more than you’re other humbucker related tones that you get from the Explorer and Walkers. My favorite tones are coming from your Jerry-related Instagram video. … Read More

Alternate tunings

Hey Steve- We e talked about this before, but we’re always interrupted by work. Can you tell what tunings you use and why? Why use the “Stella blue” tuning bringing string 3 up to A. Why not just use that … Read More