Favorite Guitar To Play?

Steve, In your vast array of amazing stringed instruments, which is your favorite to play and why? Ron, NJ

Past and present gear

About a year ago I acquired a guitar that used to belong to Michael Travis from string cheese, it’s a 1978 Ibanez mc 200 with a bunch of mods such as built in pre amp . From what I was … Read More


ALL ABOARD! Steve Kimock will be on board Jamcruise 18 as special guest, teaching a masterclass, hosting a Jazz Lounge show and much more tbd…

Steve Kimock & Friends

Don’t miss Steve Kimock & Friends on East Coast in Fall featuring Jeff Chimenti, Reed Mathis and John Kimock with special guests along the way

Rainbows Cadillac

I’m having trouble with the guitar parts on Bruce’s song Rainbows Cadillac. It moves so fast and I cannot find the music anywhere. Can you lead me to a sorce so I can slow it down and get it right? … Read More

Custom guitar

First of all, thank you for playing such honest and truly from the soul music. I have been playing the same kind of music for as long as I can remember. Although not on the same level. Even in 8th … Read More


“While We Wait”, a gorgeous new KIMOCK single is out now — available to download or stream worldwide- a sumptuous, elegant, romantic instrumental, beautiful as only KIMOCK (Steve on lap steel, guitar, and (!) piano…

Supro Ozark Question

Hello. I have been to your gigs a couple of times both in the US and Japan. They were two of the best gigs I have ever expereinced. Anyway, I have had a 50s or 60s Supro Ozark guitar (with … Read More