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Just really really enjoying the show on youtube from 10/8 in Atlanta. The crunchy signal on your Strat in butter is so great, really just gritty but so smooth and buttery… what’s your signal chain look like there?

I miss you and your friends! Haven’t caught you guys in a couple years. I didn’t see any tour dates farther north on the west coast than SF, but I’d love it if you folks could arrange another trip up to Portland and/or Seattle sometime in the next year or so. Lots of love.

Luke, Washington

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    15 Oct 2022

    Good question. .
    I remember Atlanta being a good gig, but I don’t remember what was going on with the effects during Butter because we’re still trying to figure out how we want to deal with it.
    Not settled on arrangement or sounds yet.

    I was scrolling thru a couple of fuzz box and wah wah options for Butter on that trip and was favoring my P19 fuzz generally, so it’s likely that was the “smooth” part. . assuming fuzz. I don’t remember.

    Normally tho, Butter is something I’d use Vox wah into Trombetta Bone Machine, or RotoBone.
    Atlanta was a “fancy amps” gig, so 50 watt Dumble on a single ancient C15N
    and Krinard Bandmaster or an even more ancient C15N.
    Even without any effects at all those two amps and the White Strat can get pretty much anything you want.

      15 Oct 2022

      Steve what kind of 1×15 cabs do you use? Open back guitar oriented 1×15 cabs are hard to find

    15 Nov 2022

    Open back, yes. I have a few built by various folks and a pair of Mesa open back 1×15’s.
    I’d recommend Mather Cabs build you a 1×15 combo cab for whatever head you like.

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