Shelter in place gear

Hey Steve! Since we are all emerging from our year and a half hibernation, I am wondering what amps and gear were you really digging while having to spend lots of hours playing at home? Anything you discovered or re-discovered? … Read More

Rehearsal Babble

How does one maintain cool during rude rehearsal distractions? JR, NY

Dead guitarists and their equipment

Steve, would love to get your perspective on other “Garcia style” guitarists and their approach and tone. The good news is that they, like Dead fans, are like snowflakes. No two are the same. Some are faithful to the style … Read More

What Wha?

Hey there, Steve – Don’t know as I’ve ever crossed paths with any recordings of you using a wah – if you have, do you have a weapon of choice? I think my favorite voicing is the Colorsound wah Jerry … Read More

Modern amp speakers and Boost/OD pedals

Hey Steve! Two questions for you: 1. Are there any modern speakers that you prefer/recommend for Fender style amps? 2. I know you don’t use boost or OD pedals, but are there ones that you like? I’m on a quest … Read More

Stereo guitar rig out of phase.

I have been on a long quest for the “perfect” guitar tone. I play a 1984-85 Guild Aviator, and it’s my one and only. I recently bought a Motion Sound kp-408 3D stereo keyboard amp. It has 2 offset 8” … Read More

dumble speaker load

miss ya, brutha… i’m waiting on a louis electric dumble 183 build, 100 watt. (he calls it the cobra). i’m curious about the difference if any in running two 16 ohm speakers vs two 8 ohm speakers (wired parallel), IOW, … Read More

Guitar Tab for Chance in a Million album

Hi Steve, Huge fan…seen you with Zero so many times I lost count. I have been looking for the tab for this amazing album and I cannot find it anywhere. Can I purchase it from you? John John, NY


I came across your music totally randomly on the Internet Archive Live Music Archive years ago and have been hooked ever since. I had never heard of you at all, I only saw the number of shows uploaded and I … Read More

Guitar ID

What is the backstory on that Dr.Seuss guitar you played on Dark Star on the 3rd night of Phil and Phriends? It’s the weird thing with the large hole between pickups – second from the right at the bottom of … Read More