Impedance question

Hi Steve! I was just wondering how you run your 3 by 10 cab. I’m guessing you’re using the blackface bandmaster with the updated output transformer in it. Do you run the cab at the normal 4 ohm rating of … Read More

Setlist for SunEagles show

Hi Steve, Just recently discovered your music, and saw my first show at SunEagles…I was blown away! I was trying to figure out the setlist based on my research of your music…hopefully you could provide it! Really really liked that … Read More

Note of Appreciation

10 Aug. 21 Hi Steve: Just a brief note of appreciation for you and your band’s and staff show at The Ardmore Music Hall on Sat. evening. You can play all tempos of music in an engaging way. Everyone is … Read More

Gibson Goldtop

Whats the story with the Gibson Goldtop youve been playing recently? Is it a Les Paul Deluxe? Ben, Ca

the upcoming Jerry Week show at the Ardmore

Morning! I’m taking my daughter (16) to her first real concert – your upcoming show at the Ardmore for Jerry week. Can you share any songs you’re working on so that I can get a tune or two in her … Read More

Tongue n Groove

Steve, Could you please tab out that beautiful descending riff at the very end of TnG? Thats incredible!! One of the most melodic riffs Iv’e ever heard. Thanks Ron Ron, Pennsylvania

Achieving Tone

Hi Steve. I’ve been struggling for years to achieve a tone I love. I have a fender strat w stock pick ups, and a mid 70’s fender twin that is way too heavy for me now. I can get a … Read More

Guitar at the Gothic

Hey was just watching Bad Hair from the Gothic. Looks like a pro shot vid, and Steve’s playing a les Paul looking guitar with an intricate carving. Looks like scalloped frets as well, but maybe that’s an optical illusion. Anyway … Read More

Strat Wiring / Philosophy of Cleans

Hey Steve, It’s great to hear that you’re gonna be getting back out on the road. Meanwhile, I was wondering if you can point me at a good write-up that explains the wiring of your 60 Strat w lipstick pickups. … Read More