Meaning of song

What exactly is the. Song In Reply about? It seems like a story, or a personal moment in your life. It is almost like a painting. I also am curious to know the same about Mother’s Song. Absolutely perfection. Thank … Read More


Hey Steve! Sam here. I am thinking about grabbing a telecaster. The tones that you get out of it are really magical and it’s been cool to see it fall into your line up. Are there any tele builders that … Read More

Amps at Keswick w Jazz is Dead

Steve, What amps were you using at the 1/25 show at the Keswick? Looked like a Princeton or some variant and another tweed. I was too far back to tell. Anyways, your tone was incredible. Keep searching! Daniel, PA

Magnatone TC1

Hey Steve, I have the opportunity to pick up an old Magnatone TC1 thats been converted to a guitar head. Anything i should look out for on it? it seems to have a tweed deluxe style tone stack/control added and … Read More

JID Recordings

All, JID in Salt Lake was phenomenal. I was wondering if any of those shows will end up or on Safe travels on the rest of your tour! Sean, Utah

Magical Moments

I will not disguise this statement as a question; just wanted to let you know that you and your music make an impact on me. I danced to the magic of the music and to your fingers last night in … Read More

Guitar straps

What’s your criteria for choosing a strap for your guitars? I’ve noticed a few recurring trusty standards such as the black one with the white strat, rainbow with the explorer, saddle wraparound deal for the l-7 and so on—do you … Read More


I loved the show at the Paramount in Denver 1/15/23. I’m still processing what I just witnessed so I will keep it simple: amazing. Your tone is incredible. I have fallen in love with the mutron clone I’m using and … Read More

Stereo Rig Phase Issues

Being a stereo player for a long time, do you ever run into phase issues? From what I can see, you don’t use an ABY switch that may have a polarity switch on it. Do you ever run into problems … Read More

Jazz is dead rig

Oh just wondering what’s traveling along with you on the jazz is dead tour. Anything out of the ordinary for the project Re:Garcia tone? Any funky pedals. Hope to catch you in tarrytown! You rock. And roll. Thanks, Anthony, NY