Sunburst Strat in Zero Shows

⊄ Hey Steve, I was watching a Nancy Germany video the other day and saw you playing a sunburst strat. Looked like two himbuckers. How’s that guitar wired and what pups are in it? Best, Joe Joseph, Washington, pa 15301

local shows

will you be playing in the sf bay area this summer /fall or winter? please come to sonoma county and play the mystic!!! please john, ca.

Black and Silver Fender amp mods

Hey Steve, Where do you stand on the common amp mods that folks have been doing to Fenders for years? Such as pulling the V1 tube, disconnecting tremolo or swapping 12ax7s for lower gain tubes, etc. Do you do you … Read More

Lap Steel Tuning and Strings

Hi Steve, I’ve seen you mention using E7 tuning on lap steel. Would you share exactly how your 6-string lap is tuned low to high? And what string gauges and types do you find work best for your 50s Supro? … Read More

Meaning of song

What exactly is the. Song In Reply about? It seems like a story, or a personal moment in your life. It is almost like a painting. I also am curious to know the same about Mother’s Song. Absolutely perfection. Thank … Read More


Hey Steve! Sam here. I am thinking about grabbing a telecaster. The tones that you get out of it are really magical and it’s been cool to see it fall into your line up. Are there any tele builders that … Read More

Amps at Keswick w Jazz is Dead

Steve, What amps were you using at the 1/25 show at the Keswick? Looked like a Princeton or some variant and another tweed. I was too far back to tell. Anyways, your tone was incredible. Keep searching! Daniel, PA

Magnatone TC1

Hey Steve, I have the opportunity to pick up an old Magnatone TC1 thats been converted to a guitar head. Anything i should look out for on it? it seems to have a tweed deluxe style tone stack/control added and … Read More

JID Recordings

All, JID in Salt Lake was phenomenal. I was wondering if any of those shows will end up or on Safe travels on the rest of your tour! Sean, Utah

Magical Moments

I will not disguise this statement as a question; just wanted to let you know that you and your music make an impact on me. I danced to the magic of the music and to your fingers last night in … Read More