Custom guitar

First of all, thank you for playing such honest and truly from the soul music. I have been playing the same kind of music for as long as I can remember. Although not on the same level. Even in 8th … Read More

Supro Ozark Question

Hello. I have been to your gigs a couple of times both in the US and Japan. They were two of the best gigs I have ever expereinced. Anyway, I have had a 50s or 60s Supro Ozark guitar (with … Read More

Old recordings

Is it possible to get a copy of 12/9/2004 at the Mystic. I think I bought a copy from but they are now defunct… That show was amazing! Theo, NY

About your amp Fender Bandmaster

Hello, I’m Tatsuro Kusunoki from Japan. I play the guitar and I’m trying to buy an amp soon. Would you tell me some detail specifications about your Fender Bandmaster. I really love your sound and want to sound like you … Read More

Les paul

Hi Steve, I have all way been told that light les Paul’s are the only ones worth bothering with. I just bought one 11.5lb and it is the best Les Paul I have ever owned. So do I have this … Read More

Thirds on the guitar. Consonant or dissonant?

Hello Steve! Tal here, I have this discussion with piano tuners and various musicians, but when it comes to guitarists it’s a shoulder shrug usually, like it’s just an inherent part of our instrument that the interval of a third … Read More

Acoustic pickup.

At Godfrey’s the sound was very organic, not piezo clack. Is that the Turner thing or do you tame that with the black box/ sho impedance tempering. John, Emmaus PA

missing man sound

over the last year or so I keep going back to the Missing Man Formation videos. The sound is so unique…. bobby’s bass and your guitar meld so well. Very emotional. That Strat looks unique too, what configuration is that … Read More

George’s Fayetteville,Arkansas 10/4 – 10/6

Any chance Earl Cate will sit in one night? If so, peek into your crystal ball and enlighten me with the date. Much Appreciated! Miss seeing you in Fayetteville as often as when the highly esteemed Harold Wieties was doing … Read More

Wah, fuzz ‘n’ shine

Hey there, Steve – Many thanks for years of great tunes and vibes. Simple stuff: I know at one point you were an occasional Hartman Ge fuzz user … how about these days? And: you’ve never been one to get … Read More