SKF Fall Tour – New Shows!

Delivering genre-bending performances, the band hit a real groove. Join us this summer and fall, with new shows announced for the Midwest in September and then following that, the band heads South for the first time.

Zero Tour Announced

SK, Greg & the rest of the band can’t wait to get on the road this Fall as Zero reignites & tours in support of their new album ‘Naught Again’.

Zero Naught Again OUT NOW

‘Naught Again’ is a super high fidelity Zero best-hits album, mixing the then-new material co-written by Greg Anton and Steve Kimock, with lyrics by Robert Hunter, alongside the instrumental jams like “Coles Law,” “Tangled Hangers,” “Gregg’s Eggs,” and “Tear Tags from Mattresses,” aided by special guests …


“Roll Me Over” is romantic, beautiful, and tender, an elegant blend of Greg Anton’s music and Robert Hunter’s lyrics.