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Over the years, I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of reverb units. What is/was your favorite and why?

Craig, FL

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    13 Feb 2022

    Rough question!
    I think my fave guitar effect reverb implementation was “wrap-around spring”, but it doesn’t work with every amp and involves lots of pieces, so. .
    that’s why past tense.

    Anyway, works like this:
    The guitar plugs into normal channel input #1 on 4×10 Bassman, the #2 input same channel jumps to a Sarno Steel Guitar Black Box.
    Black Box output goes to the input of little single-ended DeArmond R5T, the speaker output of the DeArmond goes to input of 2-spring reverb tank, output of tank returns to #1 Bright channel input.

    The basic scheme would work with any two channels in parallel style amp, Bandmaster, old Marshall, etc.
    The reverb itself could be any reverb capable of 100% wet output.
    I used the little DeArmond to drive the tank because that’s all that was available to me at the time.
    I tried it later with a couple of Fender spring reverb tank type devices, but still liked the DeArmond better.

    The Black Box is a buffer, it’s also phase reversing, so it’s doing two things at once for me.
    The whole thing works without the buffer if you want to try it, but for me the guitar/amp pickup loading thing feels more normal or correct with the buffer hanging on there.

    At the same time, phase or polarity changes the relationship between the dry and wet signal.
    In one polarity the dry signal and reverb have some separation, in the other the verb kind of swallows the dry signal.
    It’s not subtle, one way is right.
    In any case, the Black Box seems to help with both those issues with the 4×10 Bassman.

    So, the little single-ended amp’s volume control is reverb drive, the Bassman Bright volume is reverb blend.
    And you still have the tone control on the little amp to play with.
    If you like modulation you can insert any pedal you like pre or post.

    The specific gear I mentioned above worked for me, but it’s the “wrap-around” idea doing the heavy lifting; it could work just as well with a whole other pile. .
    run what you brung.

    Second place is any old Ampeg Reverberocket or similar era model.
    Crushes the Fender reverb..
    I’ll never understand why Ampeg didn’t get more attention.
    For my taste the Ampeg reverb is more playable and sits in the wet/dry mix in the amp better.

    Any two amps in stereo or parallel with either or both wet is fine with me for almost any pedals.
    I like the Stereo Wet, the new MXR is real nice if you don’t need stereo, and I still use that old Boss RV2.

    Hope that helps!

      16 Feb 2022

      Wow, thanks Steve! I have to say, that wasn’t where I thought that was going to go at all! I’ve never thought to go in that direction before but there’s lots of food for thought there.

      13 Feb 2022

      Hi, if I can ask, I have the phase reversed on my amp. The black box will completely undo that? This sounds like a great way to incorporate reverb into a rig. Please and Thank You!

        25 Feb 2022

        Black Box is phase reversing, yes.
        Lots of devices are. Most overdrives, Fuzz’s, some compressors, my MuTron III, the other channel on a lot of Fenders, Input 1 on the old Boogies, FET input on the Dumble style stuff, etc
        JBL speakers are reverse polarity compared to Jensen, different era Fender PU’s, Gibson vs Harmony OEM minihumbuckers, it’s a coin flip every time you plug something in, but it’s worth learning to keep track.
        It gets easier.

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