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Hey Steve,

Very broad question. I’m itching to get a new guitar. I have a strat and a les paul, but I’m curious. Are there any guitars out there that you’d recommend specifically? I know that the quality of the guitar is largely individual. I liked how you said that most Les Pauls are dogs but that your goldtop is somethin’ special. Maybe you could fill us in on the next guitar that you have in mind for yourself.

You’re the greatest man!


Don, WV

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    29 Sep 2022

    Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for the very broad question.
    To clarify existing points; appreciation is subjective, “guitar quality” is a perception of the player etc.
    In my experience great guitars are rare, and while I’d like to think there’d be unanimous agreement about which guitars qualify as great, my Goldtop was obviously on somebody else’s dog list or I wouldn’t own it now.

    Just wanted to clear that up. .

    If you already have a Strat and a LP, you’re in good shape for solid body guitars.
    Probably should be looking at something with air in it.
    Doesn’t matter if it’s full or semi-hollow, you just don’t need another plank.

    Epiphone Riviera or Sheraton for a budget option.
    I’m looking at Sweetwater and Guitar Center for either model advertised at $699.00.
    That’s cheap. .
    Or a Casino if you’re a Beatles fan.

    Anyway, that feels like entry level to me. If you can afford more, great!
    But that basic design, thin hollowbody or semi-hollow double cutaway like a 335 would be my choice for complementary direction to your Strat and Les Paul.
    I think it’s super helpful to have an electric guitar you don’t have to plug in to enjoy.

    My next guitar for real will probably be some kind of gypsy jazz style acoustic.

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