Infared Roses shows


Was just watching the “Infared Roses” shows you did with George Porter a couple years back. What a cool lineup and cool venue, wish I couldve seen those projected visuals in person.
Your tone is pretty dirty through the whole show and youre playing a Gibson semi-hollow that I dont see you use too often but it sounds killer. What was your rig for this one?

Ben, CA

One Thought on Infared Roses shows
    6 Nov 2022

    I’ll bet the dirt was a Film O Sound projector amp.
    I’d have to see a pic to be sure, but I remember a dome gig with George in LA right before lockdown.
    I’m sure I had the L5 and projector amp for that one, still have pics of the stage.
    Anyway, “one Fender + one projector amp” is kind of a thing for me.
    I did it a bunch with Everyone Orchestra too, again, just before COVID shut everything down.
    That was Bandmaster Reverb 3×10 and projector amp on a single Operadio 12 from the 40’s.

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