Kimock Amp Mods for Fender Twin


Hey everyone,
I’m looking to achieve a “Kimock-esque“ tone, but I’m completely new to amp mods. I have a Fender Twin Reverb. Could anyone make some mod recommendations that would point me in the right direction? Your input is appreciated!

Rusty, Atlanta, GA

One Thought on Kimock Amp Mods for Fender Twin
    25 May 2022

    Mods are tricky, seems like it’s more about who’s doing them than the mods themselves.
    A good idea poorly executed isn’t any help.
    First, find somebody qualified to work on Fender’s locally.
    Then ask him to get your amp working properly, stock.
    Chances are good you won’t need much more than that.

    I do use one modded Fender amp regularly onstage, but It’s modded from BF to tweed in one channel, modded from Fender to earlier Fender.

    Pretty much everything else I use regularly is stock Fender.
    Vibrolux Reverb, Twin Reverb, Brown Pro, White Bassman, Tremolux, etc those are all unmodded.

    I do have preferences for all the misc easy stuff, like tubes, speakers, and AC voltage, but those preferences are for stock Fender stuff: Jensen speakers, RCA or GE tubes, 117V or less etc.
    The only things I consistently do differently are 12au7’s for Reverb send, and leave all the tube shields off.
    Other than that I’m happy with Fender as Leo intended.

    If you do decide to make changes to your amp, again, the guy working on your amp is what you’ll be listening to, not “the mod”, so choose wisely.

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