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Hey Steve, quick question – does your string gauge on the L-5, and for that matter, whatever archtop you might be using differ much from your typical setup on solid bodies? Are you using round wounds or flats?

Have a good one!

Mel, Colorado

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    12 Jul 2022

    Hi Mel!
    String gauge is guitar-by-guitar for me, so there’s no real difference between solid body and hollow gauges beyond the obvious trend for heavier acoustic and lighter electric gauges when you get out to the extremes.
    That being said, the L-5 has been strung with Thomastic Blues Slider 10’s for a couple of years now, or at least post lockdown.
    Previously 12’s. . I lightened up when the gigs went away.

    I use the same gauge on #2 Explorer, so there’s as example of identical gauge for hollow and solidbody guitars.

    Flip side would be L-7 with Pyramid Western Folk Bronzewound 13’s vs the Goldtop Les Paul “Jimi Hendrix” gauge like the old Fender 150 set.

    I have flat’s on the Gugino archtop right now, Dogal 11’s, but I think they might be too light for that guitar.
    Same string and gauge on the Ebony Cripe, and it’s perfect.

    I’m generally not a “flats on the hollowbody” guy, I think they sound better on solidbody guitars.
    Right now I’m using Pyramid flat 11’s on the Teak Cripe and Wysocki Tele, and the new Pyramid Fusion Flats on the #1 Explorer and sunburst Strat.

    Anyway, more flats on the planks and more roundwound acoustic type strings on the boxes.
    Hope that helps!

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