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Steve! In a fashionable late, i was exposed to your brilliant guitar tones. Im sure there are countless factors effecting it, but i would like to know one specific thing for now: what are those XL lipstick pups and how do i get one?!
Thank you for the music and insparation

Dotan, California

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    8 Dec 2022

    Steve, did you have to rout the strat to accommodate the pups?

      19 Dec 2022

      route, yes.
      They’re longer than stock Fender so you have to remove material from treble side to keep the stock pick guard.
      It turns out to be a big improvement in high E response, string-to-string response, and avoiding drop-outs while bending compared to staggered Strat PU’s in particular.

      Better than flat pole Fenders too probably, tho I do like my Mustangs and Jazzmaster flat pole response just fine.

      gotta admit the staggered Fender PU is kinda quirky, sound and sensitivity.

      Not everybody likes the lipstick sound, but it’s really hard to get a more even response than the lipstick’s “oversize blade”.

    27 Nov 2022

    The neck and the bridge pickups on the white Strat came out of a Sears Craftsman Bass which I’m guessing is a rebranded Danelectro.
    Also pretty sure there’s no diff between the bass and guitar lipsticks, the only diff being the pick guard mounted style had those cool chrome mounting rings you see on the Strat.
    The middle PU came from a Silvertone electric guitar where they mount from the inside of the body, so no ring : (

    Anyway, I’m assuming the Dano and Silvertone pickups are identical except for the mounting.

    Old lipstick pickups used to be pretty much a dumpster diving exercise; there was always one waiting in a junk drawer somewhere.
    They seem a little less ubiquitous nowadays.

    Worth the hunt tho, particularly on a Strat if you just butt the bass side against the existing route and let the treble side go long under the high E.
    keeps the melody string proud. .
    It’s a long blade under that tube, no drop-out between poles and plenty of magnet under the high E.

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