I loved the show at the Paramount in Denver 1/15/23. I’m still processing what I just witnessed so I will keep it simple: amazing.
Your tone is incredible. I have fallen in love with the mutron clone I’m using and am constantly tempted to ante up and buy the real thing. I couldn’t help but notice yours on stage. I heard it first, then looked for it during set break.
I would love it if you would do a brief run down of the rig you’re currently touring with.

Sean, CO

One Thought on MuTron
    16 Jan 2023

    Ok, I’ll try. .
    I use two reissue Fender amp supplied by the venue; one ‘59 Bassman 4×10 and one blackface Deluxe Reverb, running around 110 volts AC on a Brown Box. Takes a little edge off I think.

    For reverb and echo I use an old Boss RV2 set for ping-pong delay into a Stereo Wet reverb, the L/R outputs of the Stereo Wet go to the #1 normal inputs of the Fenders.

    In front of that is my old Vox Tonebender, which I think is MK2 or 2.5 into an old DeArmond Wah/Volume which is just volume 99% of the time.

    There’s normally a Turbo Tuner strobe after the DeArmond.

    That’s the deal most of the time.
    I don’t bother plugging in the fuzz box if I’m not using it, so the L-7 and the steel are just volume pedal > tuner > RV2 > WET > amps.

    The Strat and Les Paul both normally have fuzz first, then the rest of the above signal path.

    Some rooms sound great without the echo and reverb, some need a little help.
    The gig in Denver was dry whenever I felt I could get away with it. Maybe 40% of the time .

    There’s a bunch of pedals scattered about the stage for situational use, the MuTron III is one of them and I’ve been using it all by itself in front of the RV2 and WET when I do use it.
    No fuzz, volume, tuner, in line.

    Occasionally I use a Vertex Wah (yeah, I know)
    Into a Paul Trombetta Bone Machine, I used that in second set, it’s nasty. .

    Also laying around situationally are a Moogerfooger Ring Modulator, a Skreddy P19 (great fuzz!!) and an old Phase 100.

    The Phase 100 would only be on the Deluxe Reverb when I do use it,

    So anyway, “the rig” such as it is, is just backline Fender down between 10 and 14 volts from normal house power which has been 122+ so far, and relatively situational effects use.

    It’s a bunch of old, lossy, noisy, uncooperative and unpredictable pedals that don’t always play nice with others but I love individually, so stuff gets added or deleted every song seems like. .

    All the guitars and amps sound better with less crap between them, but sometimes the effect sounds make sense so. .

    Plug ‘em in.

    Hope that makes sense.

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