I noticed you were using a big ol’ clear triangle (v-pick?) at the Sweetwater run back in February. At OCF it looked like a standard 351 shape but still that transparent material. Do you have a preferred pick? Material/shape/bevel?
Does it vary based on guitar/string gauge? Do you use different picks on acoustic/electric/archtop? Or do you just grab whatever is handy and make it work for you?

Stephen, Oregon

One Thought on Plectrums
    16 Aug 2019

    Those are Vpicks, large, lite, pointed, is the description.
    I occasionally use a standard Fender heavy or extra heavy, and enjoy the Pyramid version of the same shape which is just a teeny bit thinner than a Fender heavy.
    Rarely I’ll pick up my old fave which is the Pyramid bass pick. I think I only have one left.

    But that’s it for flat picks, I don’t use them much and play the same one until it’s trashed.

    I have a thumb pick and two fingerpicks as well, again just those three for as long as i can remember.

    My preference these days is no pick at all, I like the sound of skin, a little nail maybe but mostly
    just fingers and thumb.
    I like the V pick because it sounds the most like my bare hands.

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