Settings on your boss reverb pedal.


Hey Steve,

Going for a strong reverb sound to match with an old blackface head. Where do you keep the settings on your old grey boss reverb? You’re the man. Much love and respect as always.


Sam, Sheridan, WY

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    9 Oct 2021

    First knob is mix, so “wherever” depending on how much gain is after the pedal, the next two knobs all the way up, and the stepped control is Ping Pong.

    I use the ping-pong echo before Stereo Wet pedal, so the L R Boss outputs go to L R Wet inputs and outputs and then on to amp inputs.
    sometimes there’s spring reverb in the amps too, but the “echo before reverb” thing is the only way I can plug it in, so there it is!

    I mostly use non-reverb Fender amps, Brown Pro, BF Bandmaster, Blonde Bassman, BF and/or White Tremolux, but i use the same Boss ping-pong > Wet Stereo combo with the Vibrolux Reverb, Bandmaster Reverb, Twin etc and that might even be sweeter with the spring after the Boss, but I haven’t been gigging those amps much.
    I’ve been using the RV-2 ping-pong mode onstage since I bought it in the 80’s so it’s definitely part of the sound, amp doesn’t matter.

      11 Oct 2021

      When you say ping pong, what do you mean?

        11 Oct 2021

        If you use left and right stereo outputs with two amps, the echo repeats bounce back and forth from left to right.
        Alternates one side to the other, like ping-pong!

    12 Oct 2021

    One last question, if you’d be so kind. Are the boss and wet pedals the only pedals that are acting as an aby box?

    13 Oct 2021

    Stereo Wet is the last effect, so it’s “Y” or the split to the amps.
    I could use the Boss last too, obviously, and sometimes do, but normally I have reverb and echo before the amps because most of the time I’m using non-reverb Fenders.

    I do occasionally use an actual A/B/Y box but it’s between guitars: normally L7 and lap steel.
    I use that setup with Electric Hot Tuna mostly but I think I’ll use it for Zero coming up next week too. .

    If I need to A/B the amps it’s easy enough just to reach over and turn one down, put it on standby, yank the input etc.
    Avoid the extra cable runs whenever possible.
    I use the pedal to split if I need the pedal, or do the old fashioned daisy-chain Fender input routine if I don’t need the pedal.

    2 Dec 2021

    Hi Steve,
    So let me understand this, delay pedal into reverb then split off stereo to amps? Does the delay pedal have to be stereo as well?

    1 Feb 2022

    I use a stereo pedal to split the signal to two amps, but the important part is the split, not the stereo capability.
    The important part is two outputs, so if you had a mono delay like an old Boss or an Echoplex with an effect output and a dry output, that’d be just as good.
    You still have two amps in parallel regardless of the effect being stereo or engaged or not.
    That stereo WET pedal I use is just a fancy Y cord. .

      11 Feb 2022

      As far as the Wet pedal goes, how do you rate that amongst the other reverbs you’ve used in the past? The Neunaber sounds quite good to my ears, I like the modulation. What do you look for if you’re switching reverb units around?

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