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Hi Steve, sorry if this isn’t the kind of question your looking for. I don’t play anything, I just love your music so nothing too technical to ask. I’m just wondering if there’s any possibility for a new studio album your looking at or even thinking about in the future? I really dug your last 2 and the 2 singles that came separate after (Invocations, While We Wait). I do realize it’s expensive and you’d probably like to more then your able.

Great show in Bridgeport, thanks for coming to CT, looking forward to Zero in November. I first heard of you from playing with Bob and Ratdog and have become a huge fan of all your own stuff. Thanks for everything.

Kevin, CT

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    20 Mar 2023

    Wow I missed this, great news. So cool of you to reply and have this. Your Last Danger of Frost is some of my favorite stuff, I wish there were enough people who dug it enough for you to experiment with more stuff like that live. Anything is welcome though. Thanks.

    20 Jun 2022

    Hi. Thanks for checking in. .
    Yes, there will be recording soon, multiple projects, no release dates or timeframe.
    Just getting started.
    The only thing I know for sure is the stuff I’m working on personally is more along the lines of the “Last Danger of Frost” record.
    The live ensemble (plus guests) will also record as soon as we feel ready, and the results should be more easily recognizable as actual music.

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