Subbing Tritones Into Blues Scale


I didn’t mentally understand the suggestion for subbing tritones for every other blues note. Then I played it like a scale and I didnt hear it. Then I played it as double stops, and I heard it. Then I inverted the double stops all over the neck, and 5-1-3 triads emerged from nowhere and the I IV V progression. Incredible. Thank you!

Rich, Ca

3 Thoughts on Subbing Tritones Into Blues Scale
    6 Nov 2021

    It’s a breathtaking transformation for a nerd like me, but to be clear, “every other” doesn’t yield I IV V, just IV I, right?

    Nevertheless, there it is. .
    Still pondering it.

      6 Nov 2021

      Yes. I was in E blues and then I was in A. But the B was right there staring at me, so I couldn’t help but play it.

      I’m 57 years old, been an amateur guitar player since I was 14, and the instrument always has another secret to tell or a joke to play on me. With this tritone sub I felt like I finally surprised it.

    5 May 2022

    Can you shed a little bit of light on this further? I’m not really sure what you are getting at here…

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