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Hey Steve!

Huge fan. Thanks for all the wonderful music. I’ve got a quick question:

I recently read that you’ve used the Boss rv2 since the 80s, and that you have it set to ping pong mode. As a fan for almost 20 years, I was surprised to hear that, because I’ve never perceived any ping pong effect in your sound. Could you share a little insight into how & why you do this? Is the ping pong effect low in the mix to create some subtle texture? Thanks for sharing!

Rusty, McDonough, GA 30252

One Thought on The Use of Ping Pong
    5 Jun 2022

    There was a bunch of Zero stuff back in the day with the ping-pong dimed or at least close to wide-open, but for the most part the back-and-forthness of it manifests as “animation of stereo image” when using two amps.
    The sound travels. .
    Normal implementation for me is delay before reverb which softens the effect too, it’s not hard left and right, and it’s kinda slow so not jittery.

    I play into it too, long tones and vibrato rate, fewer attacks showing and the stretching or sustaining effect of the ping-pong masked a little by vibrato.
    I really like my RV2, and I’ve been using it pretty much constantly since whenever it came out, mid 80’s I think. .

    Anyway, most of the time it’s fairly subtle and I do play into it when I use it, but it’s definitely part of the sound when it’s on.
    You’d miss it if I shut it off.
    Same kinda deal as leaving the vibrato on a Fender amp on around 3.
    You don’t really focus on it, it’s just part of the guitar sound until you turn it off.
    Then you notice!

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