Man your tone is fantastic! Was wondering what strings you use and gauge. Maybe any set up insight you might provide would be appreciated!

Deron, Florida

One Thought on Tone!!
    13 Jun 2022

    Thanks for the kind words!
    There’s not much consistent about strings and set-up for me, everything is good for something, you just gotta dig for it.

    Most of the players I like used pretty light strings, I somehow wound up using very heavy strings for most stuff.
    I’ve lightened up a lot since the pandemic tho, just out of shape I guess!

    I could give more specific advice if I knew which guitar, or what kinds of sounds you like.

    The whole “tone” thing is tricky tho, “getting a sound” out of an electric guitar or trying to is kind of an internet phenomenon; electric guitar is already a sound.
    You just have to play it. .

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