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hi steve,
i’ve had the pleasure of seeing a bunch of your shows live & i keep up best as i can online with your journey, but i don’t think I’ve ever seen you use a tremolo arm on any of your guitars. is it because of the tuning instability variable it brings in to the mix? any insight appreciated.


warm regards.

Sashi, tamil nadu, india

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    26 Apr 2022

    No, Sashi, it’s not a tuning stability issue, it’s just for most of my career my string gauge was too stiff to make use of a Fender trem.
    The big strings did make slide playing a little easier, so that’s how i scratched the ‘wobble’ itch. . mostly.
    I did play a few gigs in the years leading up to covid on my Mustang which does have a nice vibrato, but it was just a few tunes on a handful of gigs.

    now that I’ve abandoned the 14’s I’ll probably get to more whammy use in the future.
    I like the sound when other people do it, maybe I can still learn!

      29 Apr 2022

      cool! look forward to hearing that.

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