That Trombetta pedal, is that a Rotobone or based on one? Love the sound of that through your rig. As you stated from a different post, I can hear now that it’s a fuzz you go through instead of an OD. The guitar vol knob clean up on those pedals are truly awesome. Is the Trombetta an “always on” pedal for you? How do you use it in your rig?

Craig, FL

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    12 Sep 2022

    I have two of Paul’s pedals, the one I use onstage the most is a Bone Machine.
    The other one’s a Rotobone, which seems to be an expanded and more versatile version of the simpler Bone Machine.

    Sometimes I use it for just a little boost, sometimes gained up enough to be legitimately fuzzy, but most of the time I use it with a wah wah with the steel.
    The wah helps hunt for the “growl”.

    The “horn sound” fuzz thing has been around as long as fuzz, it’s just not the first thing to pop up with most devices.

    You can make the same growl with some of the tweed fenders with the gain and bass wide open.

    It’s front and center on the Bone tho.
    Nice pedal. .

      14 Sep 2022

      Very cool, I’ve got a Bone Machine also. Can’t say enough about them. To be honest, I’ve alway been an OD guy if I was going to put a pedal in front of an amp and never had thought about putting a fuzz in line. I had a “thing” against using a fuzz thinking they would always sound sorta messy. Then, found a deal for one of Paul’s pedals, and it blew me away! You can get OD stuff, fuzz stuff, boosty stuff, all in one box! A real “ah ha” moment.
      So, you use a wah with it sometimes? Do you find it difficult to get pedals to play well with the fuzz sometimes? I have a one off Klon clone my amp tech built. That pedal sounds quite good, very clean and quiet with other pedals in the chain. Once the Bone Machine went in line…*before* the clone…all of a sudden there is all this awful noise. Actually unusable to the point I had to remove the clone. So my question would be, do you have to have any of your other pedals worked on in order for them to sound proper with Paul’s pedals?

        28 Sep 2022

        Good question. .
        So far I haven’t run into any pedal order issues with the Bone, but I don’t normally use a lot of different pedals in between the guitar and the amp.
        I have an old Vox Tone Bender that erases wah-wah’s, but that’s the worst of it.

        I do occasionally scare myself shitless onstage with the Bone if I don’t plug the input jack all the way in.
        All my other switches sound like firecrackers going off thru the amp until I realize get that jack home. .

        I haven’t found it necessary to mod for compatibility yet.

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