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Hi Steve,

I am the new owner of a guitar that I believe you collaborated with Scott Walker on. I believe it is the prototype to his Phoenix model. It has a bookmatched set of flamed mahogany with a rosewood neck. I am normally an acoustic guitar player (for my solo enjoyment), but am really enjoying my new (to me) Walker.

I’m just curious if you could tell me anything about the guitar… how involved were you with the collaboration, what you like/didn’t like about the guitar and whether or not you actually owned it? I see there is a video of a performance you did with it in Petaluma on Scott’s website. Coincidentally, I bought it from a fellow from Petaluma. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m thinking it’s the same guitar as the Petaluma footage as well as one of the guitars pictured on your website and the kids t-shirt.

Anyhow, keep on keeping on!


Dan, NV

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    4 Nov 2021

    Dan, I’d need to have the guitar in my hands to know for sure, but everything you’ve told me about it adds up.
    I did actually own that guitar, used it onstage, and continued to provide Scott with input toward further development.

    Assuming we’re talking about the same guitar, I was quite fond of it.
    I was heavily involved in the basic design, body shape, scale, pickups, hardware, control functions and so forth, along with the usual personal preference frets, radius, neck profile stuff that Scott already knew I needed from previous builds.

    I was particularly proud of how well the pickups came out, I still use those.
    Anyway, a lot of time and energy went into the the electronics, concepts and options Scott could apply to any or all of his instruments.
    We did good work with it to those ends.
    I do believe it served the entire product line and was inspirational for Scott in the continuing development of his electronics.

    At the same time, I already had a couple of his guitars, and my own personal needs were for a good fretless guitar.
    So I flipped the prototype back to him, and he made a 24 inch scale fretless Phoenix for me; same woods, same body, headstock, pickups, etc, Volume Tone, 3-way, nothing fancy.
    It’s awesome : )


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