White Strat Pick UPS


Hi Steve,

Long time listener first time caller… I love the white strat’s tone. I’ve heard the pickups were Danelectro bass pick ups. Any details or intel on this would be greatly appreciated.

Hope all is well.


Bart, Illinois

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    3 Jun 2021

    Near as I can tell the Dqno bass pickups are the same as all the rest of the Silvertone lipsticks.
    Except for the mounting rings and, in the bass anyway, the bridge was RWRP, so humcanceling.
    Which is nice. .

    The white Strat benefits from the low output lipsticks for sure, but that guitar is mostly about string gauge.
    There have been periods where I’ve gone to 12’s but the majority of the time it’s:
    .014 .018 .028w .038 .049 .064
    Concert pitch, which kinda dominates the sound.

    21 Jul 2021

    Nerd string gauge update: I’m gonna stick to the 12’s with a .017 G for the foreseeable future in hopes of avoiding injury.
    Get the show back on the road. .

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