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I’m Tatsuro Kusunoki from Japan.
I play the guitar and I’m trying to buy an amp soon.
Would you tell me some detail specifications about your Fender Bandmaster.
I really love your sound and want to sound like you but
Two Rock is too expensive for me..
So I’m looking for Bandmaster.
Or do you have any recommendations?
Anyway I’m very looking forward to seeing you in Japan soon.
I will go to the show in Osaka. I got a ticket already.
Thank you.

Tatsuro, Kyoto Japan

One Thought on About your amp Fender Bandmaster
    3 Jun 2021

    Apologies for late reply!
    just seeing this now. .

    All the Fender two 6L6 amps work for me, Tremolux, Bandmaster, Bandmaster Reverb, Vibrolux Reverb, Super Reverb, Bassman, all just fine.
    I’m sure there are great Deluxe and Pro Reverb’s around too, but I own and use the amps previously listed.

    I’ll give special mention to the smallest of them, the Tremolux, a very pretty sounding amp.
    Like a sweeter Bandmaster.
    Not so much volume, but super sweet!

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