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Hi Steve!

Was going down rabbit holes, and ended up finding myself here. Maureen and I have been living in the mountains outside ABQ for some twenty years now. Still have our t-shirt business ( But it pretty much evaporated with the pandemic. You seem to be up to a lot of stuff. Write if you have

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Hi Steve, I just finished listening to your discussion w/ Jamie Cohen from Boston and you both spoke of your enjoyment of Bluegrass. Well check out a new page i started in Oct. I think you’ll like it, that is…if you like Bluegrass in all it’s forms. ~Dave Lowney PS I look forward to

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Walker Phoenix

Hi Steve, I am the new owner of a guitar that I believe you collaborated with Scott Walker on. I believe it is the prototype to his Phoenix model. It has a bookmatched set of flamed mahogany with a rosewood neck. I am normally an acoustic guitar player (for my solo enjoyment), but am really

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