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Hey Steve! This might be a basic/oft asked question, but for the sake of clarity, as well as compartmentalizing in the new forum, I was wondering what strings you’re running on your current guitars these days? —mainly the primary explorer, lipstick strat, and Scott Walker heavy. Thanks so much for the music, and hopefully i’ll get to see you someday soon!

Jarett, Florida

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    19 Aug 2019

    “These days” is the right way to put it, string gauges tend to move around depending on the gig.
    Right now the Explorer’s strung with Thomastic-Infeld Blues Sliders .010 .013 .016 .028w .037 .048.
    I’m maybe six months into my Thomastic experiment, a couple of sets, but they sound and feel really nice on the Explorer.

    Same exact set on the Heavy Walker.

    The white Strat is currently strung with it’s traditional D’Addario .014 .018 .28w .038 .049 .064.
    That’s the gauge for most of the 40 years I’ve owned it.

    I have been experimenting with the Strat gauge lately too, sometimes the Thomastic George Benson .014 set, sometimes Pyramid .012’s with a plain G.
    It’ll likely change again soon. .

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