Amps at Keswick w Jazz is Dead



What amps were you using at the 1/25 show at the Keswick? Looked like a Princeton or some variant and another tweed. I was too far back to tell. Anyways, your tone was incredible. Keep searching!

Daniel, PA

One Thought on Amps at Keswick w Jazz is Dead
    26 Jan 2023

    Daniel, thanks for coming to the show!
    We appreciate your support.

    The amps were a reissue Fender 4×10 Bassman
    and a prototype Alessandro which I believe to be a tweed Deluxe style amp.
    That’s much too general a description of the amp George was kind enough to bring to the gig, but I’d need to get specs directly from him to not misrepresent it.
    I’ll get more info soon and update.

    Anyway, the new little Alessandro sounded great!!

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