Boogie Prototype/Nick Gravenites

We’ve met several times before, back in the day. The Cotati Caberet, with the Mix, and also as sound tech at Studio KAFE in Santa Rosa. Also, we have a lot of mutual friends, including Richie Blue and Galene Elliot and Nick Gravenites. I’ve trying to do Nick a favor, and sell his old Boogie amp for him. It’s prototypical, made as a Boogie before it was a formal company; I have documentation from Randy that’s it’s one of the first he built, silkscreening the panels himself at home, etc. He made it for Nick back in the early 70s, and Nick used it ever since, in the Dinosaurs and with the Gravenites Cippolina Band, getting it regularly serviced later in Petaluma. Besides being a piece of rock n’ roll history, it’s also a piece of guitar amplification history; a true artifact! Comes in a nice road case Nick had made for it. I had talked to Banana recently, and he reminded me what a big fan of Boogie amps you were. Let me know if you have any interest; I can bring it by the Raven in Healdsburg tomorrow night, if you want.

Thanks, Alan

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