Cole’s Law and such…

I’ve had the pleasure of not only listening to your music but also being educated by it. I can only play by ear(as a lefty-strung-righty no instructors would take the time…I digress..), you’ve made an insatiable desire to learn. As such, I’ve heard myriad hours of your playing through the years, I’ve got many many questions but I wish to respect your time being finite as well as others who have questions.
I would really like to know just some insight into why your songs are titled the way they are? What is the inspiration behind song titles? But even deeper than that… I hear your playing ebb(though hardly) and flow but Cole’s Law is always full tilt, never any uninspired versions passed my brain box. Is this a sentimental thing, this song really seems to light you up…I wish I could articulate in musical parlance what I mean, but sonically it brings me to tears… Have you ever tried it on the teak? Could you maybe shed some light on the evolution into Tangled Hangers, and maybe some narrative into where the inspiration came from. Do you have a version that stands out to you? Seems like 2009 was a banner year, as well as 2018. Maybe is JMK’s influence?
Not to get to far off track, but that relationship you guys nurtured has been a real treasure to behold from my perspective as a father/musician as well. The 10/24/09 where the 2nd set was cut short due to JMK’s migraine saw you basically playing lullabies until you guys had to pull the plug… amazing stuff here Steve. I look forward to anything happening on your end, and my thanks for the endless lessons, though I wish I knew some of the scales you play were called! Lol. I’ll be back, thanks for all your kindness and grace Steve! (::)

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