come play In Michigan

I Love that you call it Kimock’s corner. I try to keep my late husbands vibe alive for the kids. He was a Dead head Artist. I make some t shirts and stickers with his art. I met you one time in Chicago. KC had a VP party so we could all meet you for a moment. I told you Id bring you some stickers…
My friends created a place called OTUS SUPPLY it has a music room called THE PARLIAMENT ROOM in Ferndale, Michigan. The owner, my friend, and independent promoter THOM BLOOM would Love to have you come play. I know his old promoter, Joe may have reached out to you. I have wrote all kinds of messages.
Long story short. it is an Artistic restaurant with great food, gathering style plates. Art made by Artists all over. The bar matches the one at the sweetwater in Mill Valley (Bob’s)…… we have a HUGE following of dead heads and I will happily man a street team to sell the show out. I got to go to the December 2014 sweetwater tribute to Jerry. I would LOVE to have a weekend event like that.
ANYWAY!!! Please come play. If you would like direct contacts, I can help with that. 248-836-8762 Peace and Love! And I AM TOTALLY IN YOUR CORNER! Hope to see you again some day… I’ll try to travel sometime but it is kinda tough with my life style now. Best wishes to us al!

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