I was wondering what amps you typically use- I have been listening to some of the Zero material and your later albums- I really like your lead tone with the clean Jerryish thing happening. I am thinking Fender, or the old 70’s Musicman will get you into that territory.


Philip, Ontario

One Thought on Gear
    31 Jan 2020

    The real early Zero stuff was all Boogie, 60 watt MK1, 60 watt “nope” we put together at Boogie for clean, and eventually a Mesa Baron 180 watt poor amp too.
    99% of the slide guitar was RT-5 DeArmond slaved back to the Boogies, and there was a bunch of early Zero where i ran an additional power amp on a remote speaker to generate more distortion pre-effects. molten. .
    Eventually got the Dumble and ran it in front of the Mesa’s, Dumble pre-amp/Mesa power amps.
    Then straight Dumble with the 180watt Baron on the side, still DeArmond for slide, and that’s about it for the Zero amp routine: Boogie and Dumble with a side of single ended 6V6 for distortion and 6 6L6’s for clean.

    Nowadays it’s mostly old Fender’s with an occasional Magnatone or something equally odd. Hiwatt, Dickerson, misc. .
    Still use the Dumble and DeArmond now and again but for most stuff any pair of Fender amps gets me thru the night.

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