Gibson Goldtop


Whats the story with the Gibson Goldtop youve been playing recently? Is it a Les Paul Deluxe?

Ben, Ca

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    3 Sep 2021

    The Lollar minihums are excellent, all of his more or less lower-wind stuff works for me.
    I have a Lollar Johnny Smith on my L7 and that guitar is either champion or tied for first place on any stage.

    That being said, having grown up with the late 60’s era Gibson pickups, I prefer the older ones if I can get them.
    There’s not a huge difference in spite of the inevitable materials and construction variations.
    Biggest diff might be the old ones would likely all be more microphonic than current aftermarket PU’s potted for higher gain.

    I prefer microphonic pickups . .

    23 Aug 2021

    Deluxe is correct, 1968.
    P90’s originally, I got the minihum’s recently from my good friend Bill Krinard, the pickups are also ’68. really nice. .

    That Goldtop belonged to my cousin Kenny, it was the first electric guitar I ever saw in person and I fell in love with it instantly.
    It’s a lifesaver for me right now. Glad it’s here.

      3 Sep 2021

      Any experience with after market mini humbuckers i.e. Lollar?

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