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What is the backstory on that Dr.Seuss guitar you played on Dark Star on the 3rd night of Phil and Phriends? It’s the weird thing with the large hole between pickups – second from the right at the bottom of your guitar collage poster.

Read the backstory once but forgot the details. Thanks Steve!

Judd, MN

One Thought on Guitar ID
    15 Feb 2021

    The guitar with the hole in it is a Wandre Davoli Mod Rock Basso, short scale Italian bass. 60’s
    You can find some of his instruments online if you poke around. Super cool stuff.
    I tied guitar strings together to reach, may or may not have been in standard tuning, more likely E A B E if I recall.

    Found it at a Pawn shop on the way into Salt Lake City decades ago, it buzzed so I told the guy at the shop it was broken and only worth two hundred bucks.
    I forget what we settled on, maybe three, but it turned out to be a sound investment.
    I use it mostly as a recording bass these days, usually midi’d to Taurus pedals.
    The Davoli isn’t super bassy, but it has amazing attack, growl, envelope, type stuff all the time.
    it is impossible to tune.

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