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Hi Steve! I was just wondering how you run your 3 by 10 cab. I’m guessing you’re using the blackface bandmaster with the updated output transformer in it. Do you run the cab at the normal 4 ohm rating of the bandmaster?

Thank you!

Samuel, Wyoming

One Thought on Impedance question
    14 Sep 2021

    Yes, Sam, it’s three eight ohm speakers in parallel on a 4 ohm OT.
    Same deal as the 3×10 tweed bandmaster impedance, just nowhere near as hip an amp. .

    The “one extra speaker” move on a 4 ohm Fender amp is nice sound, a little brighter, stringier, maybe a little more aggressive EQ.
    In contrast to the single 8 ohm speaker on the 4 ohm OT which is more mid-forward with the bottom and top rolled off.
    The various impedance mismatches move the EQ around in useful ways imo.
    The most obvious “Extension Cab” move which Fender provided for with the ext speaker jack assumed a 2 ohm load on the 4 ohm OT.
    That’s a little too far for me as an EQ move. KInda thin. .

    One, two, or three ohm speakers on a Fender all work fine for me.

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