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Hey Steve, I’m a huge fan of your music! I recently (5 months ago) started a jam band with some of my friends from college, and we’ve been loving every second of it! My question is, do you have any basic tips for starting out as a jam band? Anything will help, practice tips, gigging tips, mixing tips etc.

Thanks so much, I’m looking forward to seeing you and Voodoo Dead in a few weeks!

Brendan, NY

One Thought on Jam band tips
    2 Feb 2020

    I was hitchhiking in the rain in San Anselmo in the ’70’s, coming back from the music store because I’d saved enough money to buy one set of strings.
    Phil Lesh picked me up in his Lotus, soaking wet, I asked him the same question basically “any advice?”
    He said “Don’t quit”.

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