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Hi Steve,
I have all way been told that light les Paul’s are
the only ones worth bothering with.
I just bought one 11.5lb and it is the best
Les Paul I have ever owned.
So do I have this weight thing backwards?

Bill, California

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    14 Aug 2019

    The crux of the biscuit here is the notion a Les Paul can be “good”, identified as an outlier to a general population of not-so-good guitars on the basis of weight.

    The reality in my experience is most Les Paul’s are dogs regardless of weight.

    For an LP to broadly distinguish itself from the general dog population it’d almost have to be heavier or lighter than normal to attract my attention in the first place.

    Then we take all the multidimensional and nonlinear unpredictable behavior of the entire guitar and our individual perception of it and ascribe it to “weight” because, face it, it’s just pointlessly impossible to ID everything that makes us think something’s cool.

    It’s enough to just think it’s cool.
    That being said, of course the heavy ones are better, Les Paul’s are supposed to be heavy.

      20 Aug 2019

      I actually have a very light newer one. IT actually almost sounds like a hollowbody with all of the holes in it. that being said, I only use that instead of my Heritage 335 copy when I am playing a jam that I don’t want the Heritage in danger.
      Hi from Koosh

    18 Sep 2019

    I love my Les Pauls. They feel comfortable, worn in, I know what Im getting every time. They sound great to me. Something to be said for not overthinking it sometimes too. I dont care for Strats (generally) but I love hearing SK play his. Its for him, not me. Doesnt make strats dogs.

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