New Prototype Amp in your videos.

Steve, I can’t get over the tone you’re getting with the goldtop. I like it more than you’re other humbucker related tones that you get from the Explorer and Walkers. My favorite tones are coming from your Jerry-related Instagram video. It looks like you’re using a brownface pro, some combo of 2×12 or 2×15 cab with Jbl’s, and chassis that looks mysterious. Can you provide some insight into how you’re running the Goldtop in those videos? The rainbow cadillac video tone is incredible too. Who woulda thunk that my favorite sounds from you recently have come from a Les Paul (an instrument that I usually shun). I will say that I picked up a Tokai Les Paul from 1980 or so, and it is definitely a keeper. Just wish the pups weren’t as hot. Thanks as always, and your insights make my day. Thanks continuing to play beautiful music to the world.



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