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Hi Steve, I saw you play with Phil at the two July shows at the Warfield, I wonder if you have a memory of what your general rig was with that mutating band around that time?

Thanks for your time and playing

Tom Poynton

Tom, UK

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    1 Jun 2020

    The basic setup back then was two amps/stereo: 50 watt Dumble on a 2×12 with some kind of unknown Celestion samples on one side and a 180 watt Mesa Baron power amp on either one or two 2×12’s with reconed Vox Blue Bulldogs.
    For slide, lapsteel, or anything at meltdown distortion levels there was an R5T DeArmond I could slave to the effects input.

    MuTron III, maybe an octave divider, Vox Tone Bender, that might have been about it in front of the amp.

    So, gtr > MuTron III > Tone Bender > Octave > Dumble input
    then. .
    Dumble preamp out > input Lexicon LXP1
    DeArmond speaker out > LXP1

    LXP1 stereo outs to Dumble effects return and Mesa Baron input.

    That’s pretty much that era rig no matter what was going on.
    The one bit I don’t remember at the Warfield was if was using the RV-2, my fave ping-pong delay pedal.
    I used it all the time in Zero, still use it today, but it disappeared for a while to Germany for a couple of years; Billy took mine, left me his, said “they’re all the same”.
    Of course they weren’t the same, mine was better, but it took years to swap back. .

    Electronics aside for a moment, the biggest single contributor to the sound of that rig was string gauge.
    Everything was pretty heavy.

      2 Jun 2020

      Steve, do you think you were also using the Dearmond around this time?

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