No question.
Just wanted to thank you for orchestrating one of the best memories and experiences of my life. A friend was asking about her boyfriend, a singer/drummer. I looked you and Bobby and Ernest up to show her real musicians and eventually found the three of you with Harvey Mandell. Remembered how much I loved y’all.

I wanted do to do some more session work in 2000 or 2001 and I tried contacting you through a website you had. Whoever was running it for you responded and said you were in Pennsylvania and were never coming back and you weren’t doing any session work ever again. I walked around singing, well if you can call my singing singing, Fire and Rain for two weeks.

So glad whoever said that was wrong. If in touch. please give my highest regards to Bobby and Ernest. Lova ya all for your incredible musicianship and amazing kindness.

Thank you. Hope you are prospering.

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