That Explorer and the pickups in that Strat

Hi Steve!

Saw the first Applegate show last night at my son’s suggestion (he was the shorter tie-dyed teenager who shook your hand after the show).

I’ve played guitar forever, and I’ve seen dozens of really great shows featuring top-shelf guitarists.

And I think I first heard a guitar played last night. Wow!

I also felt like I was hearing what a guitar sounds like for the first time. Two aspects of the sonic portrait you painted that really stood out for me were that Explorer you played and the pickups in the cream Strat.

When you have a minute, could you share some information about these two items?

Spencer and I were trying to get details about your gear on the web, and he said he couldn’t find anything. So I hope you don’t mind the inquiry, but we couldn’t find answers for ourselves!

Stay awesome, and thanks for your time here.


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