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over the last year or so I keep going back to the Missing Man Formation videos. The sound is so unique…. bobby’s bass and your guitar meld so well. Very emotional. That Strat looks unique too, what configuration is that (pickups/electronics)?

david, TX

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    1 Feb 2020

    Hi Steve,
    Anyhing different happening under the hood of the Twin head? I have a Super Six head.

    30 Jan 2020

    The white Strat’s most distinguishing features are pickups and string gauge.
    They’re complimentary like nuts at the bar.

    Three old Dano/Silvertone lipstick PU’s, wired so neck and bridge show up on the 3-way switch like a Tele: N N+B B, on a single volume control.
    The middle PU has it’s own volume.
    No tone control.

    The neck and bridge have mounting rings because they came out of a Craftsman Bass.
    Bridge is RWRP so i have hum canceling in “both”.
    i like that switching arrangement on a Strat much better than the standard switch assignment.

    Anyway, the lipstick’s are super-weak, low output, and the strings are normally ridiculously heavy but modern standards.
    Some of the MMF era stuff was a regular set of Pyramid 12’s, which is kinda Strat proper in a vintage sense (it’s a ’60) but most of the time it was D’Addario 14 18 28w 38 49 64.

    I think the big string/weak pickup combo is what makes that guitar unique to whatever extent it seems to be.
    You can’t really play or sound like that with a hot pickup and a light string.

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