Modern amp speakers and Boost/OD pedals


Hey Steve!

Two questions for you:

1. Are there any modern speakers that you prefer/recommend for Fender style amps?

2. I know you don’t use boost or OD pedals, but are there ones that you like?

I’m on a quest to really minimize the effects/pedalboard and you always have great advice on how to optimize that so curious what you would use if I just had 1 boost/od going into a fender amp and also what speakers you like (not looking for older ones)

By the way. Not sure if you saw it but Michael Kang gave you a shout out on his rig rundown video. Big fan of his so Cool stuff!

Thanks so much Steve!

Adam, Seattle

One Thought on Modern amp speakers and Boost/OD pedals
    15 Feb 2021

    I like the Jupiter 8’s and 10’s, and the new Supro 15’s.
    I don’t have any modern 12 inch speakers but if I did they’d probably come from Speaker Warehouse. I’m confident those guys know what they’re doing.
    You should contact them directly, tell them what you’re looking for. I’ll bet they steer you straight.

    enough about them ; )

    I use a pair of Jupiter 8’s with my BF Twin Reverb, sounds amazing. Literally a miniature Twin Reverb sound. It’s exactly a Twin, just doesn’t move much air. .
    Also 2×8 in my Fat Jimmy Blue Mountain amp, 1/2 a Weir rig type trip. Again, just beautiful sound, but they’re the Fat Jimmy version of the same speaker.

    The Twin and the Jimmy are lower volume, rehearsal, recording, practice, applications. Not loud.

    Onstage, 3×10 Jupiter and 1×15 Supro has been my East Coast rig for years now.
    The 3×10 normally paired with a Bandmaster Reverb, the Supro 15 in an otherwise bone-stock Brown Pro.

    The Pro with the Supro 15 is fantastic, I can’t say enough good things about that speaker with that Fender amp.
    Ordinarily I’d use a JBL D130 but in that old Brown Pro the Supro sounds better to me.
    Real neutral, nice character pushed, but no BS anywhere otherwise.
    Not bass heavy, not scooped, not bright, not dull, not mid-forward, just a straight up professional speaker.
    The problem with the Fender amps is they tend to be out of control in the bass, Supro 15 no issue.

    The Supro and Jupiter speakers I have are ceramic btw. I’m alnico otherwise with the exception of an occasional EV.

    The 3×10 Jupiter cab is loud! A couple hundred people to outdoor festival range.
    When I use those two “East Coast” amps the 3×10 sits on the floor, the Pro sits up on a head case.
    nice balance.

    Anyway, I prefer old alnico speakers for most stuff, but I have been doing the ceramic Jupiter/Supro thing almost exclusively on the east coast for the last four or five years. If any of y’all caught a gig out here last couple years, that’s the rig.

    You’re right about the overdrive; I just don’t bond with the designer distortion pedal routine.
    At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with slamming the input, it just makes more sense to achieve without trying to make it a bandwidth limiting EQ move if you already have decent guitar and amp.
    If you’re compromised the OD makes more sense, I get why folks like them, it just always feels like going backwards to me.

    My fave slam is the gain control on my Mutron III.
    No pretense at all, just industrial strength “too much’.
    Z-Vex SHO is excellent provided you have one that works : (

    Generally anything that’ll boost your gain by simply boosting your gain without trying to “give you a sound” is better.
    My crap old Lexicon LXP-1 digital reverbs had good gain.

    The best boost is still “amp on 10, use guitar controls” if you can get away with it.

    Good questions, thanks for asking, hope that helps.

    sorry if I seemed to wait a long time to reply to this last batch of posts.
    I used to get email alerts, the actual posts would appear and I’d accept them and answer, but somehow my email just stopped notifying me.
    Stupid story short, somebody fixed it.


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