Stereo guitar rig out of phase.

I have been on a long quest for the “perfect” guitar tone. I play a 1984-85 Guild Aviator, and it’s my one and only. I recently bought a Motion Sound kp-408 3D stereo keyboard amp. It has 2 offset 8” speakers. (looks very similar to the stereo Gibson) 2 channels, and 2 stereo pairs per channel (L and R) I’m running a stereo delay, a stereo phaser, and a mono reverb, through channel 2(L and R) and plugging directly into the amp on channel 1 (L). I use a 1/4” Y to combine the two channels before I plug it into the guitar. The problem I’m having is that it sounds out of phase sometimes, and I can’t keep my guitar in tune. I am in the market for a deluxe reverb 12” to add to my rig in hopes that it will help. Any ideas or suggestions?

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