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About a year ago I acquired a guitar that used to belong to Michael Travis from string cheese, it’s a 1978 Ibanez mc 200 with a bunch of mods such as built in pre amp . From what I was told it could have possibly been yours before being played in string cheese it had your signature across back when I first got it but has now worn almost all the way off lol . I was curious if you could fill me in on your past and present gear to maybe help clarify if it was yours or not .. thanks a million yo your countless years of kick ass jams .

Damian, UT

One Thought on Past and present gear
    30 Jan 2020

    i don’t remember ever owning a guitar like that.

    Most of my life it’s been Explorer, white Strat, Vega archtop, Supro Ozark, backed up by a “utility” Strat of some description for open tunings.
    Lots of misc situational guitars in there obviously, Tele’s, LP’s, Silvertones, odd junk, 12-strings, short scale basses, acoustics, ukes, and whatnot.

    More recently I’ve been favoring my old L-7 and L-5 along with a bunch of super cool modern guitars my friends have either built or dug up for me.
    Cripe, Walker, Artinger, and my cousin Kenny’s old Goldtop.

    Mostly tho, the old stuff because my hands grew up with it. Comfortable. .

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